Cape Town: Our 10 Favourite Spots in the Mother City

October 5, 2018

The city of Cape Town is incredible, with so many activities to do and things to see.

If you need a quick guide to must-see spots in Cape Town then look no further. Our list of favourite spots in the Mother City will share the diversity of this beautiful city with you.

When planning a trip to Cape Town, the choice of things to do and places to visit can seem endless. The beauty and numerous activities on offer seem countless. That is why after our most recent trip we have decided to share our favourite spots with you.

A view of Table Mountain, Blaawberg Nature Reserve.

1: Bo-Kaap.

This little neighbourhood is certainly the most colourful that we have ever visited! Every single house is painted in bright splashes of colour and is set to the backdrop of Table Mountain.

Park your car and take a walk around the area. You will not meet friendlier people than the residents of the Bo-Kaap. This colourful spot as just a few short kilometres from Table Mountain, so visiting both in one day is 100% do-able.

2: Table Mountain.

Although this is a highly popular tourist destination, Table Mountain is also the most significant feature of Cape Town. The entire city and surrounding areas appear to bow to it in splendour, and that’s no surprise considering it is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Being a Nature Reserve, there are many ways to make your way to the top of Table Mountain. Depending on the queues, the cable car is probably the quickest, however, we would recommend booking online in advance. For the more energetic and adventurous, the hike up can take a good few hours, so be sure to keep hydrated!

The views and abundance of flora and fauna on Table Mountain are well worth battling the queues and crowds.

3: Cape of Good Hope.

A visit to Cape Town is incomplete without a drive around the Cape of Good Hope. Not only is the drive serene and the sights breathtaking, but if you are an animal and nature lover then this spot cannot be missed.

If you are extra lucky, you might happen upon the troop of baboons that live on the mountain in this area. We spent a good hour watching them climb and hang from the cliffs. Just be sure to not try touch these cute animals, as they are wild after all. They are also highly intelligent creatures, so lock your car if you take a walk to admire the view!

4: Boulders Beach.

Penguins, who doesn’t like penguins? We doubt that there is a person on this earth who would not like to experience a penguin up close.

After a cruise around the Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach is located slightly further along the coastal Main Road which runs alongside the ocean. Parking can be a little chaotic, but if you are up for a short walk, you can always park in a neighbouring area and take a short walk to Boulders Beach. Best times to visit are earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon, and entrance per person to the Boulders Penguin Colony is around R120 / €8.

5: Muizenberg Beach.

If you are up early and enjoy a good morning stroll, then Muizenberg is the perfect beach for you!

No need to worry about security on this beach, as from around 5 am, the beach is already dotted with beach cleaners, people running with their dogs, surfers and even groups enjoying a sunrise yoga session. Be sure to check out the colourful and picturesque beach huts before grabbing a bite to eat at one of several delicious bakeries close by. We highly recommend Olympia Cafe, located in Kalk Bay.

6: Noordhoek Beach.

A few weeks ago we released a short film about this dessert-like beach that spans a whopping 12km in length. It is certainly a spot not to be missed, and if you are an equestrian-lover, good news, because you can enjoy the beach on horseback. Check out Noordhoek Beach Horse Rides for more details.

Despite its beauty, this incredible beach does come with a safety disclosure, as there have been a handful of armed robberies on the beach. So take care, and visit in a larger group (if possible).

7: Crofter’s Valley.

If you decide to spend a night or two in Noordhoek, we can highly recommend staying at Nicky Gibbs. Not only is she an amazing Airbnb host, but she is the owner of Crofter’s Kitchen. Her eclectic yet modern home is located in Crofter’s Valley in Noordhoek. Nicky’s house has a breathtaking view of Noordhoek, as well as Chapman’s Peak. This neighbourhood is a great location, being only minutes from Noordhoek Beach, Muizenberg, Cape of Good Hope, and many other must-see seaside spots.

One of the best places to eat in the area is The Foodbarn. We visited several times in the 3-days spent in the area, as the quality and variety of food had us watering at the mouth!

8: Hout Bay.

The most explicit depiction of the vastness between the middle and poor class is easy to see in Hout Bay. With sprawling mansions only metres from a growing township, this once “fancy” neighbourhood is now home to a more diverse range of residents.

A short post about our film of Hout Bay to arrive on the website soon, so check back with us!

9: Camps Bay.

If you are curious about how the mega-wealthy in Cape Town live, then a quick stop over at Camps Bay is for you.

While the beach is accessible to everyone, the large and modern-design homes that escalate up the mountainside are owned by the country’s top per cent. We believe that they must be paying for the view, as captured in our short film.

10: Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.

This spot is a little “out of the way” and if it weren’t for visiting some family, we might have missed out on this incredible little nature reserve.

Even during a crippling drought, the flora of this reserve is astounding! The Blaauwberg Nature Reserve is home to three critically endangered vegetation types, as well as host to a few pretty poisonous snakes. So always take care when walking in this area.

Melkbosstrand, a vast sandy beach with amazing views of Table Mountain is just a stone’s throw from the reserve, and we highly recommended it for its sunsets. While the more adventurous at heart might prefer quade biking over the sand dune at the Wall o’ Death.

How ever you choose to spend your time in Cape Town, we hope that Our 1o Favourite Spots help you in your planning, and we wish you many happy and safe travels!

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.

Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town.

Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town.

Table Mountains, Cape Town.

Blaauwberg Nature Reserve, Cape Town.

Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town.


Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town.

Camps Bay, Cape Town.

Hout Bay, Cape Town.


Trip tip:

Be thoughtful about your water consumption when visiting Cape Town. This stunning city is encountering a tremendous and devastating drought, so do not use excessive amounts of water. Try using washcloths and a bucket when washing up, to respect the 10litres of water per person per day limit.

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