Return to Nambiti Private Game Reserve

September 25, 2018

Heading back to Nambiti Private Game Reserve was the easiest travel decision.

When guests return for the second time in one year that means Nambiti Private Game Reserve must be doing something right.

Nambiti Private Game Reserve, you did it again! A place needs to be incredibly special, especially one so far from home, to have us itching to return again and again.

Elephant Herd, Sunrise Game Drive.

From our first visit, things seem to have remained as wonderful as ever. From the staff and accommodation to the game drives and food, everything was sublime!

This time around, we are lucky to have the exceptionally qualified Warrick aka. Ranger Wags as our guide. Wags fell in love with the wild after his Grandfather introduced him to animals in their natural habitat as a child. He has achieved not only his ranger qualification but also a birding qualification. This came in handy during this trip, as Nambiti is teeming with birdlife. Wags plans to get his on-foot trackers license next so that he can walk the wild by foot with guests.

During our previous visit, we didn’t manage to see any lions, which was disappointing for us. So spotting all 9 lions in the park this time certainly made up for it. And if that wasn’t enough, we witnessed a lion kill!

Besides lions, we were visited by a pod of hippo’s on foot, and in the dam in front of our lodge. One young hippo even enjoyed a conversation of grunts with Matt. We are fairly certain that this calf recognised Matt the following day, as it stood and gazed at him for several minutes.

Possibly the most thrilling part of the trip was watching 2 bull elephants having a standoff. They had been bullying one another all day long by the time we found them. And as a result, the rest of the herd had become restless. Even the younger elephants were aggravated: breaking trees and blowing their trumpets in irritation. It was an exceptionally tense atmosphere, but also incredible to witness.

After a full 5-days of animals watching, it’s clear why we keep returning to Cheetah Ridge Lodge and why we never want to leave. But alas, we had to return to the winter in Europe! The memories of sun, animals, the staff, Ranger Wags, the food and the pink gins during sunset will keep us going until we return.

Cheetah Ridge Lodge, Sunrise.

Morning coffee break at the Cascades, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Morning coffee break at our future house , Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Lions, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Elephants, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

White Rhinos, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Buffalos, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Juvenile Hippopotamus, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Zebras, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

And more, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

And all kind of birds, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Sunset, Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Trip tip:

Inform your Ranger about your comfort level during a Game Drive. It is very normal to get nervous around wild animals and animals can sense fear and anxiety. For your safety and those around you, inform your Ranger of any specific fear prior to entering the park.

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