Dublin: Our Top 6 Pick for a Long Weekend Getaway

May 30, 2018

A fun weekend away in Dublin is just what the doctor ordered!

If you also had a battle with flu season, then Dublin is just the spot to re-energise yourself.

This year, everyone and their dog was sick. And it was a particularly bad batch of flu this year, with much coughing, sneezing and high temperatures.

Unfortunately, we were both down and out for 2 weeks, resulting in a severe case of cabin fever. And so our long weekend away in Dublin came just in time to cheer us up!

With a bustling centre, friendly folk, delicious restaurants, and various nature spots only a short way away, this city is a treat if you want the best of both worlds.

These are some of our favourite spots that we discovered during our visit to Dublin:

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park.

1: Glendalough.

Just a few kilometres outside of the Dublin lies Glendalough. It’s like something out of The Lord of the Rings. This ancient Monastic site is situated between rolling valleys, besides 2 of the most beautiful lakes that we have ever seen.

We recommend waking early and arriving for the sunrise. With mist filtering through the trees, and the babbling brooks, this serene place is an escape for the soul.

2: Phoenix Park.

Once you are back in the city, take a day to explore Phoenix Park. This urban city park is one of the largest recreational spaces within any large European city. It boasts large, sprawling lawns, rugby fields, monuments, Ireland’s Presidential Residence, as well as several lovely spots to eat at. Phoenix Park also has numerous walking and cycling paths, that allow visitors access to the entire area.

Take a morning walk through the park, and try to spot the herds of reindeer, or squirrels and gorgeous little birds that are dotted around. The best place to rest and refuel after a walk is Phoenix Cafe. All ingredients at this rustic looking cafe are organic and locally sourced. Don’t forget to save room for a coffee and dessert or slice of cake after your meal.

3: Trinity College.

This historic campus is located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, not far from the famous shopping district.

In existence for over 4 centuries, this University’s Old Library is host to The Book of Kells, Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and the world’s most famous medieval manuscript. The exhibition is open 7 days a week, and tickets can be pre-booked online.

4: The street with the umbrellas.

Anne’s Lane is just a short walking distance from Trinity College. There is nothing significant about this lane, but someone has strung up a series of colourful umbrella’s overhead, which is both beautiful and enchanting.

There are a few restaurant places to try out in this area too: Zozimus, Bunsen (see below), Café en Seine, and for a delicious coffee pop by Dublin Barista School.

5: Bunsen (Burgers).

Yes, we are one of “those” couples. We eat vegetarian at home and then turn into carnivores whenever we travel. But part of travelling is trying new things, and this place came HIGHLY recommended.

We were once told that the smaller the menu, the better the food. In the case of Bunson Burgers, this has proven to be very true. With a menu tiny enough to fit on one side of a business card, they offer 2-types of burgers and 3-types of fries. With an option to double your burger with 2-Angus beef patties instead of one, it’s not easy to leave this place feeling hungry.

They have several venues around the city. Find one. You won’t be disappointed!

6: Airbnb HQ.

If you didn’t already know, Dublin is host to some of the hottest start-up and tech companies outside of Silicon Valley. With brand new offices in a refurbished warehouse building on the docks, Airbnb’s new HQ is an inspiring hub of energy. Unfortunately, not just anyone can walk in off of the street and walk around. Lucky for us though, as we have a wonderful friend that works there and offered to show us around.

With wide, open workspaces, tons of natural light, the ability to pick up and work wherever, this office is an employees dream! Not to mention the professional barista stations and the fact that 3 healthy, seasonal meals are served to employees daily.

Growing companies can take a feather out of the cap of Airbnb.

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Trip tip:

Bus your way to the best bits. Whilst there are cyclists in Dublin, we do not recommend cycling. Until this city has accessible bike paths on all streets we recommend using the bus. Simply buy a Leap Card at any cafe, load it with cash and off you go!

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