A Night Out at Nicky Gibbs

January 10, 2018

Introducing Nicky Gibbs: world-traveller chef, expert host, and exotic salt-maker.

It’s not every trip that we have the pleasure of meeting an individual as worldly and fascinating as Nicky Gibbs. Lucky for us, meeting people is one of our favourite parts of travelling!


Sunset, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.

When Masterchef, Nicky Gibbs, offers to make us breakfast, dinner and give us a salt demonstration then we know our holiday is off to a great start! Then again, there is nothing ordinary about Nicky and what she is creating in her modern yet eclectic home, built into the side of Noordhoek.

For over 35-years, Nicky worked as a professional chef all around the world, in hotels, on yachts, and even for a few celebrities! 2-years ago, she decided to give up the race, and invest in her own idea’s and passions, which are abundant.

Besides being an amazing Airbnb host; cooking and creating beautiful plates of food that bring people pleasure is what Nicky is looking to share with Crofter’s Kitchen.  She grows many ingredients in her garden, otherwise using locally sourced organic alternatives. What we found so authentic about Nicky’s food was her dedication to preparation. She pickles, ages and creates mixes, tapenades and salts herself, all of which give her dishes fragrant and unique tastes.

Starting last month, Nicky has begun sharing her delicious and artistic dishes with the world. Placed around a 10 to 14-seater solid wood table, guests can indulge in a 5-course menu with garden tea infusion pairing.

We will continue to watch from across the ocean, as Nicky continues to share her passion for food with the world.

Little did we know, that reserving a spot at what we assumed to be a “cool looking Airbnb“, would turn into a mini adventure in itself.  Look Nicky up when visiting the Cape, if you are looking for an incredible experience!


Home entrance, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.

nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens

Breakfast a la Nicky, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.


Comfortable lounge area, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.

nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lensnicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens

Private bedroom wing, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.

nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens nicky-gibbs-the-moving-lens

An aerial view, Crofters Valley Noordhoek.

Trip tip:

Take a chance, step outside of your comfort zone and start a conversation with a stranger. You never know who you are going to meet or what you might learn! Making friends with locals will give you insight into some hotspots that other travellers might never hear about.

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