Discovering Croatia

September 15, 2017

Welcome to Croatia, the country of a thousand landscapes.

On all of our worldly travels, we have never come across a country that boasts such a vast visual diversity as Croatia.

From one hour to the next, you can be driving through a mountainous island and then observing kilometres of dry bush.

Putting together a video to illustrate the natural biodiversity that Croatia has to offer, so nothing short of fun and easy. On our trip, we were pleasantly surprised by the familiarity and yet contradictory landscapes that this magical country has to offer. From the pine tree covered mountainous islands to the dry and burnt savannah-like national parks, with surprise splashes of colourful waterfalls. This country is a visual delight!

A few of the spots covered in our short film:

Mljet Island:
Prožurska Luka.
Pomena, National park Mljet.

Hvar Island:
Hvar City.

Krka National Park:
Samostan Visovac, Brištane.
Manojlovački Slapovi, Krk.
Burnum, Ivoševci.
Bilušića Buk.

DJI Mavic Pro
iPhone 7
ProShot Dive
Polar Pro Cinema Series

Wildcat, Ratatat

Trip tip:

We spend most of our lives stuck behind screens at work or flipping through “feeds”, so don’t spend your precious holiday hours hidden behind your phone. But, if you are going to spend time on your mobile, make sure it’s to snap pictures and record video!

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Have you ever visited at Croatia? Let us know what you thought of this cosy island in our comments section!