Cheetah Ridge: Accommodation Review

June 20, 2017

Luxurious comfort, wildlife adventure, and dining indulgence await at Cheetah Ridge!

With a variety of accommodation types, Cheetah Ridge is the perfect getaway for individuals, couples, as well as families.

When travelling, everyone looks for accommodation to suit their needs, and that is why Cheetah Ridge was at the top of our list! In the case of Nambiti Game Reserve, we had over 9 accommodation providers to choose from, which meant that we were spoilt for choice. However, after considering price, offering, quality, and value for money, there was no question that this would be the safari accommodation spot for us.


By Day, Luxury Suites.

We spent a total of 4-nights at Nambiti Game Reserve (read about our experience here), 3 of which were at Cheetah Ridge. As we were visiting “out-of-season”, we were able to get a terrific deal, so if you have a tight budget when planning your safari, consider travelling during low season. Accommodation providers are always willing to offer you a better deal during quieter periods.

A Quality Ranger and Gaming Experience

On arrival, we were completely blown away by the warmth of the staff. Every guest / couple has a designated Ranger, who collects you from a secure parking lot at the entrance of the reserve.

Our Ranger was Jonathan, and he was as top quality as they come. From collecting and delivering our bags to the suite, through to making us delicious cappuccinos before early morning game drives, or tolerating our (many) animal questions. A patient and informed Ranger can make a safari getaway all the better, so be sure to find out a bit about your Rangers experience and don’t forget to tip!

Every morning and evening, we had 3-hour game viewing drives planned, which was an absolute treat. It’s like taking an Uber except the ride is a little bumpy and you get to encounter and learn about wild animals. Halfway through each ride, we would stop and enjoy a breath-taking view from a cliff or across a dam.

During our rides, we encountered every wild animal conceivable, except for lion (insert sad face). But for more on that and to see a few snaps, check out our post “Nambiti Private Game Reserve: South African Safari“.

Food, Lodging and Spa Luxury

When we were not out on a Game Drive, we were wining and dining on the most delicious meals! Every morning we would arrive back to a “cold” breakfast of fresh fruits, muesli, juice and a coffee service. We were also offered a made-to-order warm breakfast that varied each morning. YUM!

In the afternoons we were spoiled with a buffet table of poultry or meat, as well as fresh salads and an assortment of cheese. Lunch was complimented by a mouth-watering dessert, at which point we would need a lie-down.

Post-lunch was the perfect time for a nap, on our glorious king-sized bed, or watching the animals drinking from the watering hole from our private balcony.

On our second afternoon, Robyn treated herself to a relaxing afternoon retreat at Ingulule Spa. She pampered herself with a Gentle Facial and Hot Stone Massage, all for a very reasonable price. The spa is clean, quiet and the quality of beauty treatments was superb!

By 3 pm we were back out exploring the reserve, returning at about 6 pm to turn down service and a warm bath decorated with flowers. Cheetah Ridge staff go the extra mile to make a guest feel special!

Ravenous and ready for dinner, which is served at about 7 pm, there is a 3 option choice per course. And if you have an adventurous appetite then you won’t be disappointed by this chef’s menu.

After a busy day and ready for some rest, we arrived back to our private suite. With a cosy wood fire burning to keep us warm, what a perfect way to end the day!


Interior, Luxury Suite.

cheetah-ridge-nambiti-game-reserve-south-africacheetah-ridge-nambiti-game-reserve-south-africathe moving lens - nambiti reserve - cheetah ridge - cheetahthe moving lens - nambiti reserve - cheetah ridge - bull elephant

After an unforgettable stay, we would give Cheetah Ridge the following experience scores:

General Extra
Location = 9/10 Game drive = 9/10 (we didn’t see lion)
Staff = 10/10 Wi-fi = 6/10
Accommodation = 10/10 Photo opportunities = 10/10
Food & Beverage = 9/10 Eco-conciousness = 9/10
Value vs Price = 9/10 Ranger quality = 10/10

Trip tip:

Do thorough research into accommodation when planning a trip. Think about whether you are looking for luxury or comfort, experience or budget, location or convenience. Although your accommodation is a place to rest your body and mind after a fun day of adventure, it can greatly shape your overall vacation experience!

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Have you ever stayed at Cheetah Ridge? Let us know what you thought of their accommodation in our comments section!

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