Nambiti Private Game Reserve: South African Safari

June 2, 2017

If you are heading to South Africa then you should stop by Nambiti “Big 5” Private Game Reserve!

A trip to South Africa is incomplete without an opportunity to view the exquisite wildlife that exists there.

Every time we head back to my birth country, South Africa, we make plans to spend some time in the wild. This June, we headed back for my sister’s Jefferey’s Bay wedding. And although this was a shorter visit, we managed to make a 4-day trip to Nambiti Game Reserve.

Just a few kilometre inland of Ladysmith sits a community-owned, “Big 5” private reserve that boasts over 9 different accommodation lodges. They vary from swanky 5-star luxury lodges, through to more affordable “glamping” options. All lodges offer bi-daily games drives with highly trained rangers, that last about 3 hours per drive.


Bull Elephant, Sunrise Game Drive.

During our stay in Nambiti, we stayed at the 4-star Cheetah Ridge, as well as the community-owned Springbok Lodge. Both lodges were exquisite, luxurious, and offered the most wonderfully warm service. We were very impressed with our accommodation!

Cheetah Ridge & Springbok Lodge.

But of course, for us, the highlight of the trip was the incredible encounters that we had with the wildlife during the game drives and the unreal landscapes.


All in all, Nambiti “Big 5” Private Game Reserve is a must visit for any travellers visiting South Africa. It is incredibly accessible (3-hour drive from Durban or Johannesburg), has an abundance of wildlife, and accommodation options to cater to everyone.

Patrol Ranger, Sunset Game Drive.

Trip tip:

It may seem small, but a pair of binoculars can be of great benefit during game drives. Rangers need to keep a safe 50-metre distance from wildlife so for an up-close look, binoculars or a long distance camera lens is perfect!

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