Barcelona: Weekend Getaway

July 19, 2016

Who doesn’t enjoy a quick and fun-filled weekend away?

If you are looking to take a short break and don’t have much time to plan, then Barcelona is the city for you!

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s understandable that we don’t always have time to plan an elaborate trip away. But you really need a weekend away from work or your regular routine. Our suggestion to your dilemma: Barcelona baby!

So, as some of you know, we live in Amsterdam. If you have ever visited Amsterdam in the Summer, it’s enchantingly beautiful, but it’s jam-packed with tourists. So, this was the perfect time for us to take our own advice, and enjoy a weekend away in Barcelona.

We both took the Friday off from work (yes, you don’t have to take all of your leave when travelling) and off we jetted on our AirFrance flight.

Getaway tip 1: always check up on transport times and tariffs.

So this is something we didn’t do, and we ended up stranded in the city centre at 1 am, due to a flight delay. The public transport shuts down at around 11 pm in this Spanish city, and due to local transport laws, there is no Uber. Make sure to download either MyTaxi or Hailo Apps for late night transport.

Getaway tip 2: book accommodation that offers bike rental.

After waiting an hour in a queue to catch a taxi, a few other travellers had also made the same transport mistake as us, we arrived at TSH Marina. Since our visit, this has become a student-only hotel, but the majority of their hotels host a mix of visitor: travellers, short-stay and students. What is most awesome about The Student Hotel is that they offer affordable bike rental. We love biking so this was a match made in heaven! This location also boasted incredible rooftop pools, that were the best after a long day of touring.

Getaway tip 3: make plans but don’t be restricted by them.

Always plan for one or two spots that you simply have to see when taking a quick weekend break. Our “must-see” spot for this trip was Montserrat. I won’t go into much detail, but this is 100% The Moving Lens recommended! If you visit, take note that climbing on the Memorial to Ramon Llull is forbidden. We were naughty and climbed it anyway, but seriously, you can get arrested if you are not quick about it! See our pictures below for visuals of this spectacular Benedictine monk mountain retreat.

Getaway tip 4: bike, eat, and bike some more.

We save when we’re home by not eating out a lot. So to make up for that, when we travel, we go BIG when it comes to eating. To burn off all of the food, we bike or walk everywhere! Check out local guides and maps for advice on the best places to eat. This trip, we ate at The Coconut Club, Firebug and Brunch & Cake. Our diet doesn’t contain much or any meat. All 3 of these eateries have delicious vegetarian options.

Getaway tip 5: relax and enjoy.

What else do we travel for if not to unwind and enjoy the experience? Be present. Only take your phone out to take snaps or video. If you are travelling alone, focus on yourself. If you are in a travelling pair or group, laugh and adventure together.

For more on our weekend getaway, check out the pictures below:

Memorial to Ramon Llull
Montserrat, Catalunya.

Trip tip:

Use free local guides or maps. They are usually offered on check-in at hotels or by your accommodation host. Locals often create them and they contain the best information about local hotspots!

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