Guadeloupe: Island Adventure

February 20, 2016

In amongst the scattering of Caribbean islands lies Guadeloupe.

This is an island known for it’s incredible butterfly shape, it’s insane abundance of banana’s, sugar cane, and let’s not forget – rum!

When we travel, we prefer to bike our way around. Guadeloupe is literally one of the most mountainous islands that we have ever visited though, so this time around we rented a car. Supporting local traders is vital to any city’s local tourism, so we rented a car from a local.

This was a short and sweet first visit for us to the island, so we maximised on activities during our 6 day stay. We visited 5 different areas: Deshaies, Trois-Rivieres, Les Saintes, Bouillante and St. Anne. Hiked to Cascade le Saut de L’Acomat Les Plaines and swam in the pool there. Watched the Davis Cup Semi-final and cheered for the French team, allez! We even experienced our first “baptême de plongée” with PPK in Bouillante.

There are a few smaller islands that are within canoeing or boating distance. If you have time, these are worth a visit! Catching a boat with friends to Petit Terre, and snorkelling with turtles and baby Lemon Sharks was definitely the highlight of our trip. Renting a scooter for the day, and exploring Les Saintes, was also a day to remember!

In short, 6 days of sun and action-packed travel to the max is totally “doable” if you’re considering a visit to Guadeloupe. This island is now officially our #retirementgoal.

Plage de Malendure, Guadeloupe.

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Trip tip:

Take time to find local accommodation or transport. They are often more affordable, and it’s always a better to support local suppliers!

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Have you ever visited Guadeloupe? Let us know what you thought of the island in our comments section!