Mljet: Croatia’s Magical Island

August 20, 2017

Tranquillity and untamed nature at its best, Croatia’s island of Mljet is a hidden gem.

If you are looking for a quieter retreat from the busier islands, then Mljet is the place for you!

Croatian islands are fast becoming a vibrant, party hotspot for young travellers. But if you look hard enough, you just might come across the quieter island of Mljet, and if you do, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

An aerial view of the bay.

A short 2-hour drive South from Split Airport and an even shorter ferry ride with Jadrolinija Ferries from Prapratno Ferry Point to Sobra sits the lush island of Mljet. With its mountainous landscape, covered by the tallest pines trees and other greenery, this island is like nothing we have ever experienced before.

Paradise, as seen from above.

During our time on Mljet, we rented a quaint little seaside maisonette, Casa nono Frano, and quickly integrated with the locals and other village visitors. Houses sit side-by-side, with domestic animals roaming freely, and neighbourhood kids sitting on your doorstep like old friends. So keep an open mind and a friendly smile if you plan to stay in this spot for an extended period of time!

The National Park, by sunset.

Island Adventure

There is plenty to do on Mljet, but you will need to rent a car or some mountain bikes to get around, so try to preplan before arriving to avoid disappointment at lack of availability.

If you are water-babies like us, bring along your snorkel, mask and flippers, dive in and explore! For the more adventurous, it’s possible to do some scuba diving, but bring along an extra vest, because below 10m can get pretty chilly.

Renting a kayak and paddling around to neighbouring islands, or finding your way to one of the several areas famous for cliff diving is a must. Visiting Odysseus Cave in the village of Babino Polje is also a fun way to spend a day!

Food and shopping

If you are more of a foodie, then there are many “konoba’s”/restaurants serving authentic Croatian dishes around the island. Stop by Pomena, situated within the island’s National Park during sunset for a romantic stroll along the beachfront and pop into any one of the several konoba’s and try a traditional pulpo/squid “under the bell”, a delicacy in this part of Croatia.

Supermarkets are few on the island, so be sure to stop by a fresh food stall on your drive to Prapratno Ferry Point on mainland Croatia before entering the island. Some roadside stalls located on the island sell locally grown and cured olives and olive oil, or try the fresh fish market in Sobra (open daily from 6am-9am).

Making fur friends wherever we go.

Mljet is the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. So when travelling to Croatia, make a stop off at this island a part of your itinerary.

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Trip tip:

Try to mix it up! Just because everyone is travelling to a specific hotspot doesn’t mean that your most beautiful travel moments are going to happen there too. Hotspot locations can become crowded and uncomfortable really quickly, so don’t be afraid to explore… That is the essence of travel after all!

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