Amsterdam Light Festival 2016-2017

December 8, 2016

This winter, Amsterdam lit up once again during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

This is the 5th edition of the festival and the 3rd that Light Festival we have experienced since living in Amsterdam!

For more than 50 days, the historical centre of Amsterdam will be the unique setting for this international festival. The city will be complemented by light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary (inter)national artists. The boat route, Water Colours, will take visitors past artworks along Amsterdam’s canals and the Amstel. The walking route, Illuminade, winds through the city centre. Both routes have their own unique theme. During the festival, light plays a central role in the city. Museums and institutions organise light-related activities, introducing visitors to innovations in light art.

More than 35 works of art and installations by international artists, designers and architects will illuminate the centre of Amsterdam.

Watercolour, route: A view on Amsterdam 

On this route, artists are challenged to give a new perspective on the city, its architecture and future role on the world stage. Amsterdam serves as a canvas for new art and light installations, which attach to the specific characteristics of the city. The theme has been interpreted by artists in their own way, sometimes historic, futuristic or with humour and irony. The works offer the public new perspectives and raise questions about the city. This applies to both residents and visitors, creating a dialogue. For more about the route and its artworks.

Illuminade, trail: biomimicry, inspired by nature

Biomimicry is the science in which the logic and structures are used of the nature to resolve human problems. Consider energy-efficient buildings inspired by termite mounds or antibacterial surfaces inspired by red seaweed. The works are selected to go together in a dialogue around all aspects of the theme biomimicry. For more about the route and its artworks.

Biomimicry is not new people for ages get their inspiration from the flora and fauna world. However, an increasing number of disciplines consciously use. There has recently been increasing interest in the subject, something that results in several publications, institutes and even a new master’s program in Utrecht. In short: we can not as a festival around.Our artistic director theme has also carefully chosen me to Amsterdam Light Festival to undertake the task clean the world of art and science together. We have not made it easy the artists. Biomimicry into concrete objects is already difficult, let alone to create a light sculpture. Yet the artists succeeded.


The Lace
Choi + Shine Architects

Curious about biomimicry? Take a look at this article for more information.

For more information about Amsterdam Light Festival, check out their website.

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